SOLD Amazing Antique Cast Stone Figural Fountain, Early 1900’s


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Amazing Antique Cast Stone Figural Fountain, Early 1900’s

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This is a remarkable antique cast stone figural fountain dating from the early 1900’s. This intricately cast fountain depicts a creature that appears to be inspired by the shape of a seahorse, but has a man-like face. The figure is ornamented with Neoclassical motifs; the tail is formed of volutes with acanthus leaves, and the chest is accented with acanthus and a stylized torch. A trio of water pipes extends from the mouth. Probably originally a statue, this was converted into a fountain at some point in its history. The fountain is in very good antique condition, with a small patch on the back of the figure (pictured) where the water line was added. The figure came from Long Island, New York, where it graced the swimming pool of an antique collector (see photo). The fountain measures 10 ¼” wide, 11 ¼” deep, and 32” tall.