SOLD Amazing Pair of Antique Art Deco Brass Sconces with Green Accents


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Pair antique Art Deco brass sconces with green accents. Matching chandelier available.

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This is a splendid pair of antique Art Deco brass sconces from the 1920’s, featuring green accents. The front of each sconce features an intricately cast design, dark green with a hint of brass showing through for a beautifully aged effect. The front supports a pentagonal, smooth piece of translucent white glass, the shape of which echoes shapes found in the design of the front. The sides of each sconce, each formed of a double row of brass zigzags, angle towards the wall. The back plates repeat the green polychrome finish and feature a beautifully cast design. The sconce arm is flanked by sunbursts. They are in excellent condition, and the glass is also in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks. These wall lamps have been professionally rewired and come with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. They measure 5 ½” wide, 13 ¾” tall, and protrude 4” from the wall. A matching chandelier is listed under item # NC681.