SOLD Amazing Pair of Exterior Copper Lantern Style Sconces


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Amazing Pair of Exterior Copper Lantern Style Sconces

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This pair of early 1900’s lanterns is constructed of copper and displays an exquisite, deep, natural patina. These sconces mount to an exterior wall behind a disc style canopy. Stemming from the back plate and mounting to the lantern shade as well as curling up to meet the shade again at the tip is a strap, which is both functional and decorative. The shade itself, as well as the base, is hand-hammered. This exterior lantern features the original panes of leaded granite glass. These wall lamps are in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks in the glass, and they have been professionally rewired and come with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. They are 15 ½” long, 8” wide and protrude 9 ¼” from the wall. An additional pair of similar lantern sconces exists at the listing: NSP167-RW