SOLD Charming Antique Exterior Lantern Style Sconce


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Charming Antique Exterior Lantern Style Sconce

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This fantastic, early 1900s, cast iron sconce is adorable. Reminiscent of a fairytale cottage, it begins with a circular back plate, which displays the functional button directly center. Attached is a robust sconce arm ascending to a sharp bend, which comes out and curls upwards meeting the apex of the cone-shaped top at a faux loop finial. The top features four triangular-shaped adornments halfway to the edge, which has an almost scalloped appearance. Secured within the fitter, one finds four, stunning, milk-glass petals. The leaded, milk-glass petals combine to create a unique and out-of –this-world shade. This wall lamp is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or breaks in the glass. It has been professionally rewired and it comes with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. This is 9 ½” long, 5” wide and protrude 7 ½” from the wall.