SOLD Charmingly Unique Pair of Antique Early 1900s Double Arm Sconces


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Charmingly Unique Pair of Antique Early 1900s Double Arm Sconces

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These extraordinarily transitional, double arm sconces display the original black finish with an incredible aged patina. The rounded back plates begin with a stylized trefoil top finial, and showcase the most impressive irregular carved-like texture. Bordering the back plate, one finds a cast edge of curls and recurring fleur de lis. Within the center of this distinctive back plate is a modestly designed, single, black sconce button, which is both utilitarian as well as the decorative focal point of the unconventional center floret. The base of the back plate comes to an end in a finial made of an undulated leaf. On either side of the back plate, one will discover a corbel style, ribbed sconce arm supporting a simple candle-cup. These sconces are distinguishing in their ability to be transitional enough to compliments a myriad of décor styles from English Tudor to the most contemporary. These wall lamps are in excellent condition, have been professionally rewired, and come with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. We kept the original nonfunctional antique turn switches for nostalgia’s sake; however, we would gladly replace them with new ones if so desired. These are 9” long, 8” wide and protrude 3 ¼” from the wall.