SOLD Exquisite Bronze Double-Arm Adam Style Sconce


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Exquisite Bronze Double-Arm Adam Style Sconce

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This is delightful, antique, double-arm, bronze sconce dating to 1910. It displays an urn-style top finial, accented with an acorn, which is draped with leaf-and-dart garland. The beaded, shield-shaped back plate is called home to a large acanthus mounting , which serves to support the two sconce arms. Each S-curved and ribbed arm meets a leafy wax-pan resting below a beaded candle-cup. The piece finishes with a coordinating leaf-and-dart bottom finial. It have been professionally rewired and come with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. It is 11 3/8” long, 9” wide and protrude 5 ½” from the wall.