SOLD Gorgeous Vintage 1950s Yellow Rose Italian Tole Chandelier


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Gorgeous Vintage 1950s Yellow Rose Italian Tole Chandelier

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This delightful, floral chandelier begins with an adorable, white, scalloped canopy. The chain ascends to meet a cluster of hand-painted leaves, which surround a loop finial. From beneath the finial, five small rods curl outwards to meet ornately twisted rods, which make up part this piece’s basket motif. The five, S-curved arms grow out from a center disc, which mimics the canopy above, and meet petal-cup bobeches. Above the center disc, one finds fifteen, lovely, hand-painted yellow roses, accented with green foliage. This adorable chandelier finishes with a petal-cup bottom finial, it is in excellent condition, and it has been professionally rewired. It comes with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. This chandelier is 20” at it’s widest; the length of the chandelier only is 21 ½”; the total length is 41 ¼.”