SOLD Handsome Antique Gothic Revival Lantern, Early 1900’s


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Handsome Antique Gothic Revival Lantern, Early 1900’s

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This is a wonderful antique Gothic Revival lantern, dating from the early 1900’s. The hexagonal lantern begins with a hexagonal canopy with a trefoil loop finial, coming down in a chain to a matching trefoil that crowns the top of the lantern. Below the lantern’s sloped roof are six panels with Gothic arches, filled with clear granite glass. The bottom of the lantern echoes the shape of the roof, converging at the base into a pointed hexagonal finial. This light fixture is in excellent condition, and the glass is in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks, just the expected fleabites around the edges. The lantern measures 20 ½” tall and 12 ½” wide, and the overall length of the chandelier is 50”. This light fixture would be suitable for either interior or exterior use.