SOLD Imposing Pair of Antique Corinthian Columns, 20’


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Imposing Pair of Antique Corinthian Columns, 20’

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This is a massive pair of antique Corinthian columns. Measuring approximately 20’ tall, these columns came from Sam Fleming’s mansion, Boxwood, in Nashville. Each side of the capitals features a large volute in the center and volutes on each corner. Below, the capital is covered in intricate acanthus leaves. The columns feature fluted shafts. They are in very good antique condition. The column shafts are 16’ 7 ¾” tall and have a 22” diameter, each base is 12” tall and 29” square, and each capital is 40” across and approx. 26” tall. THE PRICE LISTED IS FOR EACH COLUMN; THERE ARE TWO AVAILABLE.