SOLD Lovely 1930’s Neoclassical Antique Brass Chandelier


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Lovely 1930s Neoclassical Antique Brass Chandelier

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This alluring chandelier is nickel plated and finished in a lovely polychrome. Beginning with the sharply domed canopy, this piece descends from a stout antique chain to meet a foliated loop finial resting upon a small, rope banded, anthemion disc. Below the disc one finds a baluster style center rod, retaining the original red color and petal cup adornment. The body of this charming chandelier meets a close at a large final disc, which displays leafy details, rope banding, a polychrome finish, and a decorative bottom finial. Extending from the large disc are five S-curved arms branched out to meet leafy bobeches. This light fixture is in excellent condition, it has been professionally rewired, and it comes with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. This chandelier is 18” at its widest; the length of the chandelier only is 15”; the total length is 26 3/8”.