SOLD Massive Antique Art Deco Six-Light Brass Chandelier


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Massive Antique Art Deco Six-Light Brass Chandelier

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This is an impressive antique Art Deco six-light brass three-tiered chandelier, which came from a commercial building in Philadelphia. Dating to the 1930’s, this chandelier hangs on two rods from a large brass canopy. The first tier is composed of a wide, circular brass band ornamented with a cut-out geometric pattern and scalloped edges, from which extend four vertical bands that support the gorgeous, translucent ribbed glass of the second tier. A second wide band, featuring alternating quatrefoil and cross cutouts, encircles the second tier and supports the four bands holding the ribbed glass of the last tier. The base of the third tier is encircled by a third band, also ornamented with cross and quatrefoil cutouts, ending in a scalloped edge. This light fixture is in excellent condition, and the glass is also in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks. The chandelier has been professionally rewired and comes with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. It measures 22 ½” wide, 5’4” tall (body only), and 10 feet long overall.