SOLD Rustic Colonial Style Tinsmith Sconces


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Rustic Colonial Style Tinsmith Sconces

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These handsome tin sconces feature a striking original patina, and date to the 19th century. These smith-cut sconces were originally intended for candle use. These wall lamps showcase a fantastic rising-sun motif, which crowns the modest back plate. The base of the sconces meets a semi-circle shaped wax-pan, which is banded about the edge, supporting a simple candle cup within the center. These wall lamps are in excellent condition. At one point they were wired for a bottom switch; we kept the nonfunctional switches for nostalgia’s sake. They have been professionally rewired, and come with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. These are 13 ½” long, 3 ¾” wide and protrude 2 ¾” from the wall.