SOLD Superb Antique Cast Bronze & Onyx Free-Standing Arches


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Superb Antique Set of Four Cast Bronze & Onyx Free-Standing Arches

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These are four antique cast bronze and onyx free-standing arches, circa 1915, from a church in Indiana. The top of each arch features a beautifully cast quatrefoil with an intricate foliate center. The quatrefoil is surrounded by a round border and flanked by incredible anthemion detail, and on either side of the arch is a rectangular section adorned with Gothic arches. The arch is supported by a pair of gorgeous onyx columns with bronze detail. A ridged and grooved ring encircles the center of each column, each joining to a bracket which forms the intricately cast arch, which features a splendid foliate and trefoil design. Originally parts of an altar rail, these arches have unsurpassed casting and are wonderful decorative pieces. There is slight variation among the arches; since they originally formed the supports for a rail, some of the outside ends are decorated with a Gothic arch motif while others are plain so that they can be abutted to another rail section (see photos). There is also slight variation in the tops of the pieces (pictured). The arches are in excellent condition. Each arch measures 28” tall and 5” deep; two of the arches measure 27 1/8” wide, one is 25 ¾” wide, and one is 25 ½” wide.