SOLD Stunning Antique Georgian Dore Bronze Sconces — ONE PAIR AVAILABLE

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Amazing Set of Four Matching Antique Georgian-style Sconces

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This breathtaking set of 1920’s theatre sconces displays unsurpassed casting. These three-light Georgian sconces are constructed of Doré bronze with an iron back plate. Each sconce holds a stunning curved milk glass shade which glows behind winding golden vines. The sconces are completed by dramatic bottom finials, which are detailed with foliates and braided rope adornment. These antique sconces would accent any Neoclassical or Georgian décor. They have been professionally rewired, come with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. They are 16 ¼” long, 13 3/4” wide and protrude 6” from the wall. THE PRICE IS FOR ONE PAIR; THERE IS NOW ONLY ONE PAIR AVAILABLE.