SOLD Beautiful Pair of Antique Neoclassical Single-Arm Sconces


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Beautiful Pair of Antique Neoclassical Single-Arm Sconces

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This is an attractive pair of antique Neoclassical single-arm sconces, dating from the 1920’s. Each sconce features an octagonal back plate with a center floret button, surrounded by a beautiful floral and vine design on a textured background. The design is surrounded by a beaded border, and the edges of the sconce angle back toward the wall, accented at each corner by a small floret design. A splendid loop finial, formed of volutes and florets, crowns each sconce and supports a bellflower garland running down the sides. The bottom of the back plate comes down in stylized foliate detail to the sconce arm, which is ornamented in foliate and floral detail. The arm supports an intricate bobeche, accented by foliate detail. Below the arm, the back plate finishes in volute and foliate detail. These wall lamps are in excellent condition; they have been professionally rewired and come with all the necessary attachments for modern installation. They measure 4 ½” wide, 13 ¼” tall, and protrude 5” from the wall.